Journal and Book Design/Layout Services

For all your graphic design/desktop publishing needs.

We bring you over 25 years of experience working in the printing industry. This experience is very valuable in today’s Journal and Book market, where everyone needs to keep costs to a minimum. Journal and Book designers are easy to find, but to find a designer who has worked in electronic prepress and knows how to create print-ready files is not so easy. A beautifully designed Journal or Book could cost you lots of additional charges at the printer if the designer does not have prepress experience. Requiring the printer to redesign it in order to get it to print. At Phil Wolfe Graphic Design we have that experience and knowledge. We know how to create print-ready files, getting your ideas and manuscript ready for press. Helping you to share your Stories, Passion and Knowledge.

Your geographic location is not a problem. All communications are handled over the Internet or accomplished online via email, from the initial word processing file or files through final approval. This is an additional cost savings for you.

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